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  Measure how long your journey usually takes you. You will then be able to tell on a day with tube delays if you are delayed by over
15 minutes
Delayed for Life!
25/07/2012 - Over the last 12 months, the equivalent of 680 years of peoples' lives have been lost sitting on delayed tubes due to a fault by TfL!
Losing a Fortune
25/07/2012 - Over the last 12 months around 45 million went unclaimed in refunds that tube customers were entitled to!
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If your tube journey is delayed by more than fifteen minutes due to a fault by TFL, you are legally entitled to a full refund for that journey. has a list of all the late tubes.
You simply click on the late tubes you were on and we do the rest. You just wait for your refunds to come back!

“I pay over £1200 each year on train and tube travel and seem to be constantly delayed. In my first month of making claims, the guys at got me back £51 in refunds from TFL. That is over £600 a year.....not bad considering it was FREE to register! I would happily pay to use!

Colin in Clapham

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