Thursday, January 21, 2021
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  Measure how long your journey usually takes you. You will then be able to tell on a day with tube delays if you are delayed by over
15 minutes
Delayed for Life!
25/07/2012 - Over the last 12 months, the equivalent of 680 years of peoples' lives have been lost sitting on delayed tubes due to a fault by TfL!
Losing a Fortune
25/07/2012 - Over the last 12 months around 45 million went unclaimed in refunds that tube customers were entitled to!
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Q. Why Do TFL have to give me my money back?
A. TFL are legally bound by their citizens charter to give refunds to all customers who have had their journey delayed by more than 15 minutes
Q. What if I change my Oyster/Travelcard?
A. If you change your Oyster or Travelcard Details, you simply need to update your details with Click HERE to update details
Q. What if I change my address
A. If you change your address you need to update your account details online . This is very important so that you get your refund vouchers sent to the correct address.Click HERE to update details
Q. How do I receive the Refunds
A. You will receive your refunds as a voucher. You can then collect the vouchers from all your delayed tube journeys and use them to buy your next ticket or to top up your oyster card.Click HERE to see the type of voucher you will receive and how the process works
Q. Do I receive Cash Refunds
A. You do not receive cash refunds. Instead, you will be given vouchers. These vouchers can be used to purchase your next ticket.
Q. How Much Does It cost to use
A. It is currently FREE to use
Q. How much can I expect to be refunded for every delayed tube
A. You get the price of that single journey you travelled. Please see below a list of Adult refunds that can be claimed based on the zones you travel in
Zones (#) Oyster Single Fares
Peak (off Peak**)
Zone 1